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Aniracetam Powder


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Aniracetam Capsules are also available.

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  • A Choline Source

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The racetams are a staple of the nootropic world due to their long history of success and their relative inexpensiveness. Their glowing reputation attests to their ability to help support healthy cognition.*

There are a variety of racetam nootropics. This selection offers customers the ability to pick the one that works best for them. Everyone will have their preference and one racetam that is often cited as a perennial fan-favorite in Aniracetam.



Aniracetam is fat-soluble and will therefore NOT mix well with water. It is best to take fat-soluble racetams after a meal or with a fat source such as fish oil. Your body will not absorb or benefit from a fat-soluble racetam on an empty stomach.

Like the other racetams, Aniracetam is a powerful nootropic. Because of this, individuals often take it for cognitive supplementation, in order to benefit memory and learning.* [1]

While the direct mechanisms are not well understood, as is the case with the racetam family in general, Aniracetam has repeatedly shown to be a nootropic fan favorite.* [1]

Aniracetam Dosage

Recommended dosage of aniracetam is two rounded 1/8 tsp scoops (750mg) once daily.

As with other racetams, many people suggest taking choline to help support and boost the beneficial. Users can take Aniracetam with CDP-choline, Alpha GPC, choline bitartrate, or any other choline product.

Synonyms: 1-p-anisoyl-2-pyrrilidinone



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